About Me

I identify as kinky, queer and polyamorous.  I’m a mother of three, with one teenage son still at home.  Parenting has been challenging for a number of reasons but I don’t regret the experience one bit.  Being a parent has taught me compassion, resilience and the ability to multitask like a demon!

For the last decade, I have been involved with MVK Alternative Lifestyle Society (“MVK”) in a variety of roles but as President for the past five years.  In this role, I have led the volunteer board of MVK in spearheading a number of projects to both grow the organization and strengthen the community it serves.  When I first got involved with MVK, the main focus was producing a single social event on a monthly basis. Today, MVK hosts upwards of a dozen events each month and has developed a commitment to ongoing education, particularly education regarding consent.  In my time with MVK, I have learned leadership, volunteer management and networking skills.

In addition, I have also produced the Westcoast Bound Conference for the past ten years.  Westcoast Bound is MVK’s premier event which serves to financially support the education and outreach that MVK does year round.  The Conference started in 2010 as a small event with 100 attendees and a dozen classes. Over time, it has morphed into a 500 person event featuring 44 classes and effectively taking over a 125 room hotel for an entire weekend.  In this role, I have learned event production and management, as well as developed marketing and social media skills.

More recently, I’ve been focusing on new projects and business ventures with an eye on being able to focus on what fuels me, in addition to what I already do for my local community.  My passion is grounded in alternative education and I’m keen to produce various events that highlights this passion.