Classes I Teach

Vocabulary, Labels and Newbie Questions

The questions are plentiful when you are new to the BDSM/kink/fetish community.  In this class, we will cover many of the common questions asked when people first join the scene.   This class also covers basic vocabulary used, including all the most commonly used labels and touches on etiquette both inside and outside of the dungeon.

Leadership and Growing a Community Organization

Anyone can throw a party, but how do you grow a organization that supports and fosters community?  Creating community includes outreach, education, support networks and inclusion; each of which requires vision and leadership.  Sara will touch on all of these topics and more and also share her experiences growing community during her tenure with MVK.

Leadership:  Building Blocks Series

Impactful leadership requires active commitment to several key principals.  In the Building Blocks series, we dig deeper into each of these topics. The classes are facilitated discussions with some lecture components.  They can be taught together or individually in any order.

Building Blocks:  Deliberate Diversity

What can we as leaders, party hosts or event organizers can do to foster diversity at our events and in our communities?  How can we increase our focus on marginalized people without alienating our existing base? How can we strengthen our community’s overall inclusiveness by supporting exclusiveness policies within the community? This facilitated discussion will focus on creating policies and events that support the inclusion of individuals who identify as POC, transgender, gender non-conforming or queer.  We will also look at ways to reach out to these communities and support their growth – both as a separate community and as a facet of our larger communities.

Building Blocks:  Empowered Volunteers

How do we go about building a solid base of dedicated volunteers?  What are some best practices for compensating/rewarding volunteers?  How to we prepare volunteers to take on leadership roles? This facilitated discussion will focus on how to keep good volunteers committed, content and active.  We will also look at how to recognize and cultivate leadership in volunteers so that they may one day take on leadership positions of their own. 

Building Blocks:  Holding Leadership

What impact does holding leadership positions have on us personally?  How can it affect our existing personal relationships or our ability to develop new relationships?  What does burnout look like and what steps can we take to avoid it? This facilitated discussion will focus on how positions of leadership alter the impact of our words and our actions and discuss strategies to manage these issues.  We will also look at issues such as burnout and other ways that leadership can affect each of us personally.   

Building Blocks:  Ethical Education

What are the best practices for vetting presenters?  What qualities do we seek in educators and why are they so important?  This facilitated discussion will focus on examining the quality of the education that we are facilitating for our communities.  We will also look at the impact education has on our communities and why good education is critical for the overall health of a community. 

Building Blocks:  Meaningful Accessibility

What does it mean to be accessible?  What barriers exist beyond physical disabilities such as wheelchair use?  This facilitated discussion will focus on identifying barriers to participation how to overcome them.  We will also look at why this important matter is often overlooked in our communities.

Sex Positive Parenting

The pervasive ideology is that we need to protect and/or prevent children from sex and sexuality – by making it a taboo topic, promoting abstinence or passing the responsibility of sex education to the public school system. This ideology is flawed because of lost opportunities to educate children young about consent, communication and setting healthy personal boundaries.

How do we go about raising children in sex positive environments?  Sara will cover the benefits of spearheading this topic directly with your children and also discuss some of the potential pitfalls.

Pervertables 101

Brand new to the scene? Interested in dipping your toes into kink before you invest in filling your toy bay with the the hottest (aka expensive) toys? Then this is the class for you!

Join Sara in learning all about how you can pervert common household items into toys that can both delight and terrify even the most experienced bottom!  She will demonstrate dozens of inexpensive options that can be found at the dollar store, Home Depot or Toys R Us, ensuring you will never again look at these stores the same way.

While this class is geared at newcomers to the scene, all are welcome to come and share their favorite pervertable and maybe pick up a new tip or trick too!

Shame & Sexuality

Unleaning shame and learning to own and celebrate your sexuality can be challenging, particularly if raised in a religious environment.  Further, shame is a tool used by society to effect control through social pressure. In this class, we will discuss the power that shame can have over us and learn how to step outside that shame and step into sex positivity.

Female Domination

The stereotype of a whip wielding woman dressed entirely in black leather is not only tedious, it’s ultimately a harmful, idealized construct of what a FemDom “should” look like.

Join Sara as she deconstructs what female domination “should” be.  Topics covered will include finding your own authentic persona as a female dominant, how to step into your dominance and how to harness your unique power.

Cock & Ball Torture

As a Pro Domme, Sara’s specialty is cock and ball torture.  Give her a boot lace and a handful of clips and her bottom is in for a world of hurt.  Sara will cover basic safety and health concerns and then dive into skills that will be sure to get your bottom’s attention!

A “not for the faint of heart” powerpoint presentation will give devious minds all kinds of naughty ideas and will also demonstrate how these skills can be modified for use on transmen.

Asked and Answered – How Not to do Poly

Sara will be the first to admit that she did (and sometimes still does) poly poorly.  If you are just starting out in poly or not sure if it is for you, join Sara as she shares how NOT to poly.  Come with your curiosity and your questions as this class is a participation class.

Evolving Sexuality:  from Vanilla to BDSM

Whips and chains may be the imagery associated with BDSM activities, but it is only a small facet of what the overarching term of BDSM includes.  Maybe it started with dirty talk. Then moved on to fuzzy pink handcuffs. Or maybe you always secretly liked having an erotic spanking as foreplay.  The road from vanilla to BDSM can generally be summed up in two words: pleasure seeking. Some of us just like our pleasure a little rough!