Interview with Queer Magazine

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The timing of this being published is somewhat ironic, given that the ongoing pandemic has shut down MVK until we can gather again in large groups. I am honoured to be featured and I hope you will take a moment to explore the other amazing Queers featured in the Queer Magazine.

Be Like Water

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I was grumpy this morning. Daughter is irritating me. Having to go to work is making me grumpy. I’m frustrated dealing with a roommate. And contrary to what someone told me, it is not garbage day and I did NOT actually need to take it out to the curb in my housecoat this morning. In the rain. grumble I was kicking …

Eating Wheaties

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Relationships are often built on common interests, with activities that are done together in pursuit of these common interests. Like eating Wheaties together. If I like eating Wheaties and you like eating Wheaties, then eating Wheaties is something we have in common. So we get together and we eat Wheaties together all the time. This ritual of eating Wheaties together …

Flowers and Love

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This morning as I crested the top of the escalator, I saw a single flower tumbling at the top, where the moving stairs meet the unmoving metal grate. I watched as people stepped around the beautiful bloom, relieved that people did not intentionally crush it under their shoes. As I came up to meet it, I quickly bent over and …

The Impact of Words

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I went on a day trip with a friend recently. She’s one of those friends that I’ve enjoyed for at least a decade and, while we don’t spend nearly as much time together these days, she’s one of those friends where the months between visits melt away when we get to chatting. We were talking about our kids, our lives …

The Fear of Kink with Claire Pollock and Sara Blaze

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Jeff Porter reached out to Metro Vancouver Kink looking for an “expert” on kink and I jumped at the chance to be a guest on the Fear of Science podcast with Daniel Chai and Jeff Porter.  I was joined with Claire Pollock, producer of The Dirty Betty show and we had a really great conversation about the fear associated with …

Nanette and the Discomfort of Comedy

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Last year, I had a unique opportunity to listen to Gavin Crawford share about his experiences, living as an openly gay man. I’d never heard of Gavin before this event, so I looked him up. If you (also) have no idea who he is, Wikipedia tells me that Gavin Crawford is a Canadian comedian and actor, who was born and …

Teaching at Taboo

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Scott Knight and I have been teaching our Pevertables 101 class at Taboo for the past few years. This year, our friend Ira captured a photo of us. In the kink community, there are not a lot of opportunities to have photos taken, so we were pretty thrilled to get this one!

Consultation with the CDC

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BDSM and Kink Makes the Rounds in a Grand Way! I was honoured to speak at the Grand Rounds with the BC Center for Disease Control, along with Victor and Chase. Below is a video of the session, along with the press release that accompanied it. I do want to say that I made a mistake in my use of …

Podcast with Intimate Interactions

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I had the great pleasure of sitting down with Victor of Intimate Interactions and open up about intimacy and how that plays out in my life. Take a listen. If you like what you hear, consider supporting Victor’s patreon! Click on the picture to have a listen.