Be Like Water

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I was grumpy this morning. Daughter is irritating me. Having to go to work is making me grumpy. I’m frustrated dealing with a roommate. And contrary to what someone told me, it is not garbage day and I did NOT actually need to take it out to the curb in my housecoat this morning. In the rain.¬†grumble

I was kicking rocks on my way to the skytrain. Watching my feet, I noticed a fallen leaf was impeding the flow of rain water and wanted to kick that out of the way too. But I noticed that the rain water didn’t care. It just went over it. Under it. Around it. And then carried on it’s merry way. Eventually, the leaf will break down from the pressure of the water washing over it and water will then also start travelling through the leaf. The leaf, a mere obstacle, the water doesn’t care, it just flows on.

Be like water. Overcome.

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