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A while ago, I learned a life lesson from my motorcycle.

I had been struggling to keep my speed up in curves. Every time I came upon one, I tensed, I rolled off the clutch and I got ready to brake. 

I’d been given a lot of helpful advice from my partner. Lean the bike. Look where you are going and not at the road right ahead of you. And it has helped, as I often hear his voice in my head every time I ride. And yet… I was still panicking every time I saw a curve coming.

This particular ride was no exception. I was slowing down on the curves and cursing myself for my shortcomings. And then for a minute, my mind wandered and I got to thinking about other things.  And a weird thing happened. The curves seemed to straighten out. No, not really, but the curves became just another part of the road I was traveling on, rather than obstacles in my path. It seemed once I stopped hyper focusing on curves and stopped agonizing about my shortcomings, my mind and body were free to just…ride.

It made me think about real life. About my life. You can’t enjoy your life when you are white knuckling it through every curve. Focusing too closely ~ on the panic, the fear, the ‘right’ way ~ blinds you to the elation, the joy and the beauty of life. I was spending so much of my life focused on the details, on doing it right, that I was missing the journey.

But more importantly, the lesson I learned was that I am competent (whether it be riding my bike or living my life) but I let myself get in my own way. How much smoother would my life (my road) be if I stopped agonizing about the details (the curves) and just live it (ride it) for the joy of it?

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  1. Absolutely! I thought I was riding with confidence until I went down a swerving hill with need for counter steering. I was quite taken aback and had to slow down. Still not all there but with trust in the method I am now looking forward to the hill. Riding is beautiful mindful and improvisational. Life can be the same.

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